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Sale! Peradon Ball Marker 2 1/16

Peradon Ball Marker 2 1/16

$10.87 $9.00

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Product Description

Peradon Ball Marker 2 1/16

Peradon Ball Marker 2 1/16 used by referee’s when the cue ball or object balls need cleaning during a game. The Peradon ball marker is a great compact size compared to other ball cleaner markers that may easily fit into your cue case and it’s the same width as the ball, so it is easy to use as a guide for the referee.

As per the link below I can access all of Peradon products and you can check them out on the links provided. They offer a full range of all products in snooker and english pool and we are proud to say we do a lot of business with them as they are one of my best suppliers I have.


Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 cm


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