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Sale! EXtreme Tip Tool Gold

EXtreme Tip Tool Gold

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EXtreme Tip Tool Gold

This solid aluminum EXtreme Tip Tool Gold 5-in-1 tip tool has all you need to play your best game.

The Tapper Creates pockets and scuffs on your tip’s surface for better chalk absorption and can also be used to scuff a badly glazed tip.
Dime Shaper  Shapes and scuffs your tip to a perfect dime and the
Nickel Shaper Shapes and scuffs your tip to a perfect nickel (10.5mm) radius.
The Trimmer Corrects mushrooming by trimming your cue tip to flush with the ferrule.
Burnisher: Hardens and polishes the sides of your tip flush with the ferrule.


Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1 cm


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