The Snooker Stroke and I’m not meaning having one where talking about cue actions.

The stoke or the delivery of the cue is the most important part of cue sports. This is the foundation of the game and a smooth stroke will generate a lot more cue power with less effort than a quicker action with force.

With the stroke timing is important and you need to develop a consistent nice fluid swing in your action and this needs to be practiced a lot to grove it in. To practice this if you don’t have a table at home get a ironing board and a empty coke or other similar bottle and cue up to the opening at the stroke and then pause at the back and deliver a fluid even paced stroke in the bottle without pulling back.

The stroke needs to be an even pace and the follow through needs to be in one motion or speed not in two separate speeds. Before starting the stroke get down and address the cue ball with the tip as close to the cue ball as you can within 5mm of it. Check your alignment through the cue ball to the object ball from you chin through the line of the cue and then through your contact lines of the shot.

Once you know your aligned correct then start your stroke as many players have already starting cueing when they get down. If you do this if you have got down at your back swing you will need to drop your shoulder on the follow through.