Just a short clip to show the snooker bridge. It’s a simple thing to do but once you have been playing for a while you form a muscle which i’ll show you in the clip.

For years I cued over the area and wondered why I played different a lot and then i found that the muscle was changing my action. It’s easy to fix which i’ll show you in the clip and I saw a few coaches that didn’t pick it up. I only noticed when i was coaching someone myself a few years ago and it makes a massive difference once fixed.

for those that are new to the game:

1) spread your fingers as wide as possible without making it uncomfotable

2) raise your knuckles and cock the thumb high to form a V and look at the clip regarding the muscle

3) grip the cloth lightly and make sure the back of the palm is on the table and if you can rest your arm on the table.

4) make sure you don’t raise your bridge to high you need to keep the cue as level as possible