Right here we go I set off on the 17th of June for Hong Kong got there on the 18th then went straight across the border to china to play an exhibition match that nite played ok there’s some great players in china … So the next morning I made my way up to shanghai then across to the new APTC event about 2 hours outside of shanghai got there mid afternoon knowing I had to put a new tip on my cue because the long flight made my tip come loose so I’m trying to ask the Chinese people for some super glue & sandpaper and I had no joy at all there were looking at me as if I had gone out there just didn’t understand what I was saying so it was not the best start …. I pull up at the hotel and stu Bingham was outside waiting to go over and play his first game and he said he had a travel tipping kit with him so I hit the jackpot!!!!

Had a great week there getting to the final with stu beating me on the black ball 4/3 I was happy with that bit gutted to lose …. But good weeks work….


So then I went up to meet a pal in shanghai for a nite out dinner drinks then the next day over for the china Wuxi event didn’t play for 4 days in the event just had a little knock each day at the venue !!!! Time now starting dragging for me and I was only 7 days into the trip so I got a bit worried…. So the worst happened and got beat not happy now but I wiped myself down and got a flight over to Thailand for the 6 reds event more time in the air so I landed in Thailand just chilled right out because I knew I had 5 games to play over 3 days to get throw the groups ….I went and put a new tip on a pal of mine said try a kamui felt good straight away so off I go get throw the groups end up getting beat 6/5 in the last 16 by mark Davis !!! He went on to win the event nice guy good luck to him…. So next morning off at 4 am to the airport for my flight out of Hong Kong to Sydney then fly down to Melbourne…. More air miles … So it has to be done the last week of the trip Michael meets us at the airport when I landed and we went for a coffee booking flight down to Melbourne ready to play the next day in the goldfields event in Bendigo Get to hotel and off to bed !!!!

Up early ready to go first match ive got Rory this was always going to be hard as he has not done the other events and he would of been fresh ready for me he plays well to go 3 …1 up then I started playing got back into the match with a ton & a 50 odd clearance then went 4…3 up he then makes a break to take it to 4/4 so in the last I got a bit lucky and just got over the line !!!! Hat nite Neil Robertson started off so I sat in and watched him he,s a class act he played very well indeed nice to watch …. Bendigo event up and running…. I’ve now got a day off with nothing to do but I keep telling myself only a few days left I’ve found it very hard being away from my wife & kids I miss my little girls birthday last weekend & I’m missing my little boys birthday this weekend and it’s all starting to get to me !!!! I knew from the off of this trip it was always going to get to me!!!

So I’m off to play Jamie cope weds nite and all of a sudden I had some form out of nowhere played really well put him away 5….2 now a day off and this is where I’m at sat on the bed just having a coffee … Shower then I’m off to play Marco fu didn’t sleep great but I’m in there fighting …I’ve just seen last nite’s results ding out Robertson out Jesus what a mad game….

I’m on in a hour or so …. So I’m off to get ready for my match all the best ….S…L