Davis Hopes He’ll Be Playing At 60
Snooker legend Steve Davis insisted he could still be competing on the sport’s professional circuit at the age of 60, as he looked ahead to the forthcoming Wyldecrest Park Homes World Seniors Championship.The 55-year-old dominated snooker throughout the 1980s, lifting the World Championship trophy six times, and won his last major title in 1997. He is still ranked 50th in the world and reached the quarter-finals at the Crucible just two years ago.

“If I was a boxer I would be advised on health grounds not to go any further,” said the player nicknamed the Nugget. “The only thing that gets hurt as a snooker player is your pride, so as long as you can handle that you can carry on for as long as you want.

“I said I will retire when my ranking is higher than my age, but now I don’t have so many ranking places to play with, so like every good politician I have to reassess my original statement. The challenge is how long I can stay a professional before I am effectively given the sack by the new brigade, how long can I push back the tide.

“Barry Hearn actually challenged me to make it until I’m 60 and that is a great target to aim for. Who knows I could be the only player on the tour applying for a bus pass!
“I have a hobby mentality towards snooker. If I looked at it as a profession, I would have to ask myself some serious questions as to what the hell I was doing with my life. But actually I do still enjoy the game, I love playing. If I lose I’m disappointed , but I look at the kid that’s beaten me and say ‘I’m older than your father, you should beat me!’”

The Wyldecrest Park Homes World Seniors Championship runs on the weekend of October 27-28 at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth and will feature many of the sport’s great names including Jimmy White, Dennis Taylor, Cliff Thorburn and Joe Johnson.

“The camaraderie and the feeling in the crowd is second to none,” added Davis, who faces ‘Grinder’ Thorburn in the first round. “The players are more likely to bend over backwards to do the hospitality room. Nobody’s uptight, they are all sat around having a chat with the fans and even though it’s a competition and they are playing for the prize, and playing to win, everyone is much more relaxed.

“Wyldecrest Parks are sponsoring this for the third year and it’s brilliant they have stayed on board. It’s the perfect event for a company like Wyldecrest to sponsor because it has a good family feeling.”