The final came down the Maguire vs Bingham with a good quality final with  Maguire having chances to win 9-8 from 8-7 but he ended up doing it.

Stephen played great in the last frame with a solid 50+ break in the last frame with stuart requiring 2 snookers with four reds left.

A high quality First session saw two centuries and six more breaks over 50 as the two men initiated battle for the title and £50,000 top prize.

Stephen Maguire was 50 points in front when Stuart Bingham snookered him being the colours with Maguire trying his hit and hope method and once again leaving balls up. Quite amazingly he has done this all championship when snookered and yet still got to the final. Quite unconventional for a pro snooker player and similar to what our own Mr Hann used to do.

The Chinese referee Zhu Ying refereed her first final and did a great job and also looks good on tv and gives the game another great Lady referee. Very important for the presence of so many events being played in China and good to see another referee given a final.

Stephen Maguire last ranking event win was back in 2008 the china open when he beat his least favorite player Shaun Murphy. Maguire had a run in with Murphy in 2004 when Stephen left his chalk in the dressing room and murphy called the head referee to claim the first frame but later lost the match and started a fierce rivalry between the two.

It’s great to see such a quality player again win another event and i hope he can get back to the way he played in 2004 when he won two events and was in a final of another. He’s one of the nicest players on the circuit and Ian Barber and I had a great time at the World cup with him and Matthew.

Well done Stephen!

(ps) by the way Stephen is using a new cue made in Thialand which he has had since the last PTC