The grip in snooker is quite simple but at first can confuse many players. The overall strength of the grip is so that it doesn’t slide out of your hand if holding the cue upright so there’s not a lot of pressure.

The thumb and the first two fingers have the most pressure and the v between the thumb and The right index finger( for a right handed player should be closed in this area with no gap between the cue and palm of the hand.

To form the grip it’s the same as holding a hammer. Wrap your thumb beside the cue and slightly around with the right index finger coming back under the cue to touch together.

When the backswing happens to keep the cue as flat as possible is very important and this is when the cue grip becomes more relaxed and allows the cue to move freely.
The most important part is to make sure you don’t squeeze the cue on impact as this will rotate the shaft.
Ask or watch your better players in the club and hopefully you will have a good quality player that can show you more in person or go to a snooker coach.