In snooker and cuesports you need to be able to visualize the shots as I have said in previous posts.
You need to have a game plan for each opponent which if you have played them before you’ll know what pace your opponent plays and if they are defensive or attacking.

You need to be comfortable in your own game and not allow your opponent to change your rythym which is harder to do than write.

There are a few very slow players in Australia that purposely play slow to affect there opponents. It’s very hard to stay focussed but you need to either take a book with you or do something to keep your mind of what they are doing. The main thing is when you get the opportunity to get to the table that you get into your rythym and not there’s or a higher pace.

If your playing a good safety player make sure a ball goes into the baulk area so that you limit the opponent playing safety into the baulk area.

Once you decide to attack Be very positive about the opportunity as any negativity will flow into the shot and you’ll miss. In snooker and all sports you need to committ 100% and view what you see as achievable and remain positive.