when picking a cue there are a few things that you should look for.
The most important thing is to buy a good quality cue to start with and to do that your looking at spending $250-600 dollars.
Many after the $600 mark your just paying for a brand name.

You should look for a cue with good ash or maple that doesn’t vibrate to much and balanced between 16-18 inches from the butt and have a 9mm to 10mm tip. Going under 9mm when applying side you need to be a very good player as a small amount of side applied will react a lot different than one over 9mm. Also due to the taper required the cue could have a lot of movement in the shaft.

Snooker butt size should be under 30mm and around 26 to 29mm in size. Cue sizes are a personal thing but it needs to at least be taller than you under arm and not up to your chin!

There are many cue tips around laminated and single type it’s up to a personal choice but I have found the laminates are great as they last much longer and a more consistent than other single layered tips. When replacing you get the same feel with the next tip instead of searching with a single layered tip.

If your after a really top line cue come and try my laminated newbury cue which has a extremely different feel to anything I have played with. Its quite an amazing cue and with the aramith laminated tip is the best you will find and under $650!