learning how to play snooker or billiards if they play the game with goods that aren’t up to a certain standard. There’s no use trying to learn how to play with a screw on tip or a whippy cheap cue as this will hinder what you could learn.
Cues are now made to 58”inches and this will cater for a tall person as well. Cue length is a personal preference and you need to ensure that your cueing arm is square and not back from square to far.
The weight for snooker cues varies between 16.5 to 22 ounces but most people use between 17 to 19.5 ounces and some billiard players use heavier cues.
So try if you can to secure your own private cue and don’t under any circumstances play with a whippy type a cue.
Look for a cue that the ash lines up above the joints and has good arrows.
Many cheaper cues have poor quality joints and use another timber for the shaft.

check out my new range of cues which have been designed by me called zen cues which offer great ash and a good balance with a kamui tip.