Ian Burns has been named rookie of the year by world snooker and here’s a story about his upcoming few months.
With the new qualifying system and going to be a great year with many new coming players starting to take over world snooker.

Great to see what Mr Hearn has done with world snooker just wish we had the funds and top players doing exhibitions here in Australia
like Charlton did many years ago.

IAN Burns has become a globetrotter in his first year on the professional snooker tour.

The Croston potter has found himself travelling the world after qualifying for a number of ranking events.

He is currently playing in the Bulgarian Open, and his next port of call is a trip to the Australian Open next month.

Earlier in the year, Burns played at the Haikou World Open in China – another memorable stamp on his passport.

To cap an exciting 12 months, he was named World Snooker’s Rookie of the Year.

Burns, 27, told the Evening Post: “The ceremony when I got the award was at the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair.

“It’s awarded to the newcomer who puts in the best performances on the tour.

“I was chuffed to win it – I didn’t think I would.

“Now I’m hoping to push on and have a strong second year on the tour.”

A busy week saw Burns win three matches in Gloucester to qualify for the Australian Open, which is being held in Benbigo, Victoria.

Then he jetted off to Sofia for the Bulgarian Open.

Said Burns: “I beat Ryan Causton, Chen Zhe and Matthew Selt to qualify for the Australian Open.

“I’m so excited about going to Australia and I’ll be playing Mark Selby in the first round.

“Playing on the snooker tour certainly allows you to see the world.

“I think the highlight of my year was qualifying for the Haikou World Open.

“That was my first visit to China, and the tournament was played on an island in South China where all the rich business people go on holiday.

“I also got to the final qualifying round of the UK Championships. Had I qualified for the tournament proper that would have been the highlight.”
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