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Peradon Gloucester Cue Three Quarter


Tulipwood Burr butt timber is then hand spliced to the Ebony butt.
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Peradon Gloucester Cue Three Quarter

This Peradon Gloucester Cue Three Quarter is 58 inch in length and is crafted by Peradon in England .The decorative Tulipwood Burr butt timber is then hand spliced to the Ebony butt. The quality of the ash shaft is of the utmost importance when crafting a cue. Shafts are extensively selected with only a small percentage of the pieces processed making the grade for production of these cues. In order to maintain the highest standards of selection Peradon purchase more ash than any other English cue makers. For the highest quality hand spliced cues such as this the selection process is even more rigorous. The reputation of cues manufactured by Peradon has been acknowledged since the early days by such notable players as Walter Lindrum and Joe Davis, and continues to the present day. It is probably true that most, if not all, of top UK players have used a Peradon made cue. Founded in 1885 Peradon are the oldest snooker and billiard cue makers in the world, we were responsible for the introduction and manufacture of the hand spliced cue, setting the standards for others to follow. Any cue that bears the Peradon name is made in England in our Liverpool factory. Our cue makers produce cues of the highest of quality, as they have since 1885.  
Cue Length 58″ (147.5cm) Full Size snooker cue gloucester
Shaft Length 46″ (117cm)
Butt Length 12″ (30.5cm) – plus 1″ (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
Tip 9 ½ to 10mm Elkmaster
Shaft Selected kiln dried North American Ash* snooker cue
Butt Hand spliced genuine Ebony
Butt Decoration Large Olivewood front splice snooker cue
Joint Solid brass, ‘Quick Action’ 12″ from butt end
Butt End Joint Yes, Quick Action
Weight Medium 16 ½oz up to 17 ½oz or Heavy 17 ½oz up to 19oz

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 130 x 5 x 5 cm
Cue Weights

Medium 16 ½oz up to 17 ½oz, Heavy 17 ½oz up to 19oz

Cue Extensions

No extension, 6 inch extension, 23 inch extension, 23 inch cue extension and 6 inch


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