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Sale! Peradon Cue Rack

Peradon Cue Rack

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This listing is for a Peradon cue rack to hold 6 cues and mounted to a wall with 6 Brass and Nylon clips.

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Peradon Cue Rack

This listing is for a Peradon Cue Rack to hold 6 cues and mounted to a wall.

It’s a Mahogany coloured cue rack, which holds 6 cues with brass and nylon cue clips.

To store cues, insert the cue butt end into the bottom cue rack divot and gently push the cue between the cue clips on the top rack to store the cue.

As with all of Peradon products you can depend on quality from a long established company specializing in a full range of all products in snooker and english pool. We do alot of business with Peradon and they are one of my best suppliers.

If your after something simple and of a better quality than found in Australia this is from Peradon in London.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 x 10 x 10 cm


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