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Sale! Kelly Pool Shaker Kit

Kelly Pool Shaker Kit

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Kelly Pool Shaker Kit –

Determining Order : Each player shakes one numbered pea from the shake bottle. Lowest to highest determines the break and order of play. All peas are returned and each player shakes out one pea for his/her secret, private number. If playing for Pool Cash rather than points… each players ante is placed in a central location at this time.

Object of the Game: To legally pocket your secret numbered ball you get from the shaker.
The player shooting again shall continue at the table until failing to legally pocket a ball. As balls are legally pocketed the player must continue until failing to do so.

As secret peas become legally pocketed by opposing players, the numbered kelly pool pea must be announced before the next shot is taken, and the rotation of play continues for all players.* If no player legally pockets their numbered pea, the game ends when the last pea is announced. A new game commences after each player has anted and new secret peas are drawn. A player wins when legally pocketing the ball matching his/her secret pea, and displaying the pea.

  • Kelly pool Leather shaker
  • wooden numbers

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 x 25 x 10 cm


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