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aramith Balls

If your after the best in quality there’s only one choice that all make and that’s aramith.
Without being familiar with the industry, very few would guess that nearly 80% of the billiard balls used worldwide come from a small village in the countryside of Belgium. For over half a century, the company SALUC SA has produced in the secrecy of its premises in Callenelle the unique and well-known Aramith phenolic balls, making this miniscule village the world’s capital of billiard ball production. Based on its chemical know-how in the manufacturing of phenolic resins, Saluc detected a valid opportunity in the conversion to making billiard balls. “This choice had two reasons,” said Bossuyt. “The phenolic resin features excellent physical and chemical characteristics. In addition, the billiard market was in full expansion.”

With this resin and the experience aramith has they produce the best cue sport has to offer in balls and accessories.

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