SCOTLAND’S STEPHEN MAGUIRE enjoyed spectacular success in Group 4 of Championship League Snooker, winning all eight games over two days to book his place in the final group in March.  He beat century king Neil Robertson 3-0 in just 24 minutes in the final match to seal the deal.

Earlier Maguire had won all six of his group matches to head the table before defeating resurgent Welshman Ryan Day in the semi-final. £6,600 was the Scotsman’s haul and he will be looking to add to that in March.

“I am pleased to win today. It is a tough group and I beat six good players and two of them again in the play-offs. Last year I hit the post a few times, getting to group play-offs but losing in the semis and finals. This year it is nice to get through to Winners’ Group at the first attempt.

The Final

Stephen Maguire 3-0 Neil Robertson

75-10 (Maguire 40, 35), 131-0 (Maguire 131), 96-0 (Maguire 96)


Stephen Maguire 3-2 Ryan Day

74-46 (Maguire 39), 18-93 (Day 85), 42-58 (Maguire 41), 61-57 (Maguire 61, Day 57), 86-5 (Maguire 60)


Neil Robertson 3-1 Shaun Murphy

71-35 (Robertson 34, Murphy 35), 25-82 (Murphy 69), 133-0 (Robertson 133), 141-0 (Robertson 141)