From what I’ve read and done in the past i have learnt that there a few errors we all make even the pro players and that is when we concentrate more on position that the object ball and the pot.

For an example of this pretend you’re potting the blue and there are no reds available without opening the reds behind the pink. What many of us do is miss the cannon or the pot when it’s really not a hard shot and the reason is that we concentrate more on the outcome and lift our eyes and head during the shot to see the outcome.

To eliminate this you need to decide on the shot and the position the cue ball needs to hit the next ball and then when you have decided shut out all other possibilities and concentrate solely on the blue and the contact point.

You need to do is this on every shot decide on the position and then have a dedicated routine and close out every other ball on the table. I went for years playing what if i miss the next ball I leave the balls on for my opponent but you need to concentrate solely on the shot itself as there were only two balls on the table.

This is also the same when making a break and a referee calls out 94 and you’re on the black. If you’re a novice and not made many century breaks before and it was a comp game you could be thinking how good it will be to knock in a century break which will change your cue action.

This would also be the case if you hadn’t made a 50 break before and you’re on 45 so get in control of your mind as negative thoughts only do one thing and that is to make you miss.

The tricks here is the same stand up re focus and pretend it’s the first shot of the break