The cue stroke is very important and if you watch the best players in snooker the cue speed is a key factor in why the players a so good.

The main thing is a constant cue speed and a nice smooth delivery and a fluent even stroke. What you need to practice is a constant even flow in the stroke and one cue speed through the shot and eliminate any movements during it. A pause is definitely needed in a great players stroke and also keep a pace around the table and during the stroke builds up a nice even flow pace that you see the pro’s players are great at.

Watch the pro players and if you see them in action the almost look like they are floating around the room at their own pace and a constant set up time and cue speed delivery.

what’s required is a lot of practice and making sure you practice the correct things and not make your mistakes worse. So watch the best players you have around and ask if they can show you things or get a coach! don’t over practice your mistakes as you will get fed up with the game.

Q) need some help and your in sydney give me a call and come for a lesson on my table.