back to cue actions.

If you ever get a chance go and watch the pro players or watch them on tv. On TV you really can’t pick the pace of their cue actions or the distances they have between the cue ball to bridge but it’s much closer than it looks or is written in many coaching manuals.

When you see the pro players in action most have around a 10 inch bridge at the max and when watching all have things in their cue action that arent perfect.(exception Mark Williams 12inch plus)

What makes them so good is their cue delivery speed which you’ll notice for many is slower than it looks on tv and getting into a rythym that you play when you practice.

If you watch the pro players most shots that are missed are due to a quick delivery of the cue action or the pace they are playing at are the two main reasons they miss and i can usually pick the shots they will miss mid cue action.

The other main issue which i have spoken with many of the players in single ball focus which many of us don’t do. This is when you decide on the shot where you need to hit the cue ball for position on the next object ball.

Many of us including the pro’s at times drift our attention to the next ball but once you have decided on the shot you need to pretend that there are only a few balls on the table the cue ball and the ball your potting. I did the wrong thing for years worrying about what happens if i miss and if you think that your gone.

I’ll have a blog happening soon with a few of the pro players starting in another month or so just depends if i get to bendigo to sort it out.