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Cleaning Tables & Balls



Just a basic video below from you tube. It’s not me but it shows how it works.
what you need:
car polisher – 10 inch
bucket to fit polisher,
carpet to line bucket

If you need any help working out how to put it together send me a email.


1) If at a club try and get them cleaned twice a week or at least once especially with the cloth most of our clubs use.
(much better to practice on a faster cloth than a slow one as you will develop bad habits with your cue action.)
2) When cleaning keep the head of the brush low or as flat to the table as possible as most people cleaning tables just flick the dust from one place to another.
3) Use a vacuum when you have collected the dust at the black end instead of brushing it into the pockets.
4) Using the brush clean the pockets as a lot of dust collects in them. If you don’t you’ll notice dust on the balls after you have cleaned it.
5) After brushing use a pad or make one. ( timber trowel will do the trick and go to a fabric shop and get some felt to put on the bottom.) damp pad the table this helps remove the dust from the table so once you’ve cleaned the balls you don’t pick up the dust.
6) Table ironing- make sure it’s hot and start from the middle and work your way back to the cushion and then from the opposite side. Never iron the cushion as the rubber will move on the blocks and cause a bounce that won’t be good.

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